Body language and How it Affects your life and relationship

Body language

Body language refers to the non-verbal signals that a person uses for daily communication, such as facial expressions and body movement, through which information can be transmitted without saying it, as it constitutes between 50% and 70% of communication, so understanding it is important to interpret the conversation. [1] A smile can indicate consent, frowning to dissatisfaction, and body language may reveal real feelings about a particular situation, such as grief, confusion, fear, anger, contempt, excitement, or other emotions.

The importance of body language

Understanding body language helps people understand how to deal with others and the ability to deliver the message they want, as well as the ability to read expressions from others, so it makes it easier to communicate with people and makes it smoother.

Specialists in this science believe that the difficulty of communicating with others is not so much in human self-actions as it is the lack of attention and awareness of the messages received from others he addresses, but the specialist in body science is careful, and observes carefully the parts of the human body, which many believe are not the subject of observation or attention. The body. Body language may vary from place to place and from society to society, so what suits people in an environment may not suit people in other parts of the world. For example, if human action requires him to travel to other countries, he must be aware of the customs of those regions and states, and the way they deal with each other in terms of physical movements emanating from a person; Well, the other party interprets it as an abuse or expression of anger, or a source of inconvenience and uneasiness, such as putting a hand on one arm at a handshake or behind the shoulder, in which a handshake expresses friendship or congratulations on something; however, this movement has another explanation; it makes a person feel uncomfortable in certain areas, such as Japan, the United States of America, England and Canada.

Body language types

Body language has many types, including:

  1. Facial expressions: the expression that appears on a person's face before expressing it by words, such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, etc.
  2. Gestures: Recognized movements and signals are an important way to communicate non-verbally, including: waving, signaling, etc.
  3. Acoustics: The tone of the sound may have a strong impact on the meaning and meaning of the conversation, including: tone, loudness, changing the status of the sound, and shaking it.
  4. Eye looks: Eye gaze plays an important role in non-verbal communication, such as staring, winking, and blinking, when a person encounters something they love, the stare increases and the eyes expand, and some use it to determine whether the person is honest or not.
  5. Touch: Touch can be used to communicate affection, familiarity, empathy, and other feelings.
  6.  Photos: They can be used to deliver information about a person's identity and favorite things online.

How to learn body language

At first, you can read many different topics about body language that are free of charge on the Internet, but you'd better delve deeper into the subject and read one of the books on pharynx, another name that teaches you the science of reading facial expressions, which is a very big topic and needs many books to cover, or you can participate in many seminars and courses that promise to teach you the basics of body language. In the end, reading alone is not enough, you have to train and start noticing the different movements that people make around you, whether they are talking to you or talking to each other, but you should always remember not to face those in front of you what you think is an alienating way for people, besides that you may be wrong, in the science of pharoah, which is not as accurate as mathematics or otherwise, you can often make mistakes.

Head movement

You may have to be careful who does not move his head and keep his eyes nailed to you, he probably challenges what you do and do, and whoever steps his head lightly down may indicate shyness or tension often, while moving the head successively right and left at other times indicates that the person is joking to you or does not take what you say seriously.

How to sit

You can see how the listener sits until you know if he or she is interested or aware of the topic of the conversation, the moderate and straight session in the seat and looking forward or to the speaking person indicates moderate interest in the subject, but in cases where the listener is curved forward in his seat may indicate a strong interest in talking or enjoying it, while the non-straight session that begins with Milan on the shoulders of one side of the right or left may indicate a lack of interest in the talk or enjoyment. Or the symptom, while going back and raising the chin up indicates that the speaker does not believe or sometimes oppose what he says. Different movements in the body

There are many parts of the body

 that can be read: eyes, eyebrows, hands, mouth, lips, various facial muscles, and people often pay attention to simple movements that are closer to the truth, but attention is usually paid to general and clear movements and qualities such as general seating, the way of talking and its speed, the degree of loudness of sound, etc., but a good number of people may pay attention to the look of the eye, especially if the person is close to them as a friend or member of the family.

How healthy body language is

Movements and signals are often similar so you don't have to take every movement in one sense as a Muslim, the same movement may mean something else in another situation, so when trying to read the body language you should take into account many factors such as: the nature of the person, his personal characteristics, the attitude or circumstance he is going through at this moment, and other factors, so until you reach a reading closer to the truth, the souls are absent and only God knows about them, and you cannot read what is going on at this moment, and other factors, so to reach a reading closer to the truth, the souls are absent and only God knows about them, and you cannot read what is going on at this moment, and other factors. In the breasts, however, the science of frascence or reading body language allows for a limit of knowledge, God willing.

Signs of love through body language

There are many distinctive signs and ways in which one expresses deep feelings of love using body language, including what comes

     1.Approach and physical communication

It may be by deliberately sitting and approaching him, or standing next to him, or sometimes physical contact with him, all of which are clear signs of a desire to communicate with him, and then creating reasons to start talking to him, or trying to talk and communicate better between them if they are friends or colleagues, all behaviors motivated by inner love expressed by body language.

     2.Visual communication and the use of eye language

Eye gazes strongly express one's love and interest in the direction of one's partner, a means of body language, where one resorts to focusing, meditating and staring at the lover, whether directly while standing with him and exchanging talk, so that he keeps his focus on his eyes as if there is a special love message he wants to convey to him through the eye, or he may resort to watching him from afar and looking at him with concentration without talking to him, which is known as visual communication, as some studies indicate the strength and effect of the views of the eyes exchanged between couples When communicating for a specified period of time, loved ones emphasize their great role in promoting love, deepening affection, good relationships and growing emotion among them, and thus appear as an effective means of communicating and expressing love.

     3.Focus, care and care for your partner

Focusing on the beloved is one of the means of body language in expressing interest and love, through several manifestations, the most important of which are:

  • Listen in depth to the partner as he speaks and respond to him, sometimes asking him to understand him more or identify him, and stay in touch with him for as long as possible.
  • Staying close to and next to a person and preferring to stand by him over others, as an indication of interest in him.
  • Take care of the partner spontaneously, provide immediate assistance to him without hesitation, or try to protect him, such as taking steps in front of the body in order to maintain his safety when there is something that may surprise them, or walk on the side from which the cars are advancing, for example, and keep him on the other side to protect him.

Smile and laugh spontaneously

A smile expresses the feelings of happiness and joy that inhabit one's heart, as it refers to the good mood and sense of comfort, which is one of the signs of love that translates on one's face when accompanied by the one who loves him, sometimes the person is smiling all the time with him, and cannot control the feelings of joy, so he resorts to laughing at the simplest jokes and jokes he shares with the lover, and these spontaneous and gentle behaviors result from falling under the influence of love, and the attempt of the body to express his happiness, interest and love for him.

Other signs of love in body language

There are many physical signs that differ between men and women, but they share a motive, namely, a sincere desire to express love, including:

  • The tone of the sound varies in front of the lover, or changes the way he speaks when he is nearby.
  • Facial redness, or stuttering when talking, and different facial features, signs that may affect a shy person.
  • For example, a man tries to gain the admiration of his partner by putting his hands in his pocket, or inserting his fingers between the rings of his belt, but the woman may resort to approaching the person she loves, or returning her hair behind her ears spontaneously, and these behaviors may seem strange but represent the body language of each other in expressing love.
  • The movement of the feet so that some women may automatically approach the partner's parking space, perhaps to show self-confidence in front of him, while some men resort to putting one foot on top of the other, or lying on a table or tilting their bodies to appear like a relaxed and comfortable person, all attempts to attract and impress the other end.

The importance of understanding body language in love

There are some points that illustrate the role and importance of body language in love between the two partners, the most important of which are:

  • Knowing and verifying a partner's feelings, and understanding the nature of their relationship more, thus ensuring that they are not misunderstood and hasty to judge their actions, as they may be motivated by love.
  • Work to strengthen the relationship with the lover and increase feelings between them, by understanding the signs of body language and gestures through which he tries to express his love and attract his partner, thus swapping it better and possibly using body language as well.
  • Maintaining relationships and supporting their growth, by appreciating the greatness and amount of beautiful feelings one receives from one's partner, as well as appreciating his efforts in trying to communicate them to him and express them using various methods without hesitation, including body language. Get rid of feelings of doubt, and reach comfort and psychological stability when understanding this language, because of the ability to communicate with one's partner and better understand why he or she is acting.
  • Getting a magic key to entering the hearts of others regardless of where they are in one's life, body language can be an effective way to communicate with people, helping a person gain their affection and love.

Body language in love

Body language is defined as the body's method of non-verbal communication, using many of the distinctive signals and actions in which one expresses deep feelings within one, ideas that may vary according to the attitudes and people around him, as well as the face to express love spontaneously and gentlely, and replace words using silent language and non-verbal expressions that one shows to one's partner through different parts of the body, such as visual communication and consideration using the language of the eyes, touching hands or other parts of the body, etc. Romantic and distinctive manifestations or expressions that are made with different senses and parts of the body, as indicators of interest and great love.

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