Best fatty face masking to remove grains


Best fatty face masking to remove grains

The most common reason for the appearance of grains on the face is precisely the oily skin with clogged pores this makes the skin vulnerable to the growth of bacteria causing facial pills, here is a comprehensive article on youth pills and the reason for their appearance and tips, and in the end we will offer you face masking to remove the grains for oily skin from the first time.

Causes of acne

  1. Changes in hormone levels during puberty, the adolescent's body is exposed to a real storm of hormonal attack: the level of androgens suddenly rises, the skin reacts and produces many rash problems.
  2. An increase in the amount of steroid hormones. These problems in the female are usually shortly before the menstrual cycle show small blisters on the body and face of girls, and disappear after the end of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Vitamin A deficiency leads to an increase in the cornea class.
  4. Stomach or bowel diseases.
  5. Improper nutrition.
  6. Poor quality cosmetics or inappropriate skin care products.
  7. Constant stress and lack of sleep.
  8. Negative effect of external factors: cold, wind, sun, high humidity.
  9. Spread of infection or use of scrubs for inflamed skin and acne.
  10. Lack of cleanliness: Touch the face with dirty hands, use the same towels in the long run, and cleanse the face irregularly.
  11. Smoking. Harmful substances found in cigarettes interfere with the natural blood flow that nourishes the skin.
Products causing acne
The first advice from dermatologists for people with rashes is to reconsider nutrition. Ignoring healthy food and overeating "fast" foods is a major factor in acne.

To get rid of acne, you have to give up only 6 types of products:
  1. Coffee. This drink increases the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that makes the skin thinner and older.
  2. Sweets and pastries. The ban not only includes sweets, but also sweet soft drinks and grocery juices.
  3. Dairy products. Cheese, ice cream and synthetic yogurt with the addition of dyes and flavor enhancers negatively affect the condition of the skin.
  4. Animal fats and heavy fried foods. Such food disrupts the normal functioning of the intestines and stimulates the occurrence of inactivated rashes.
  5. Fast food. Food in fast food restaurants, biscuits, chips and salted nuts is the first enemies of healthy skin.
  6. Alcohol. Increases skin fat and disrupts metabolism.

How to remove acne at home
Of all home remedies to remove acne, face masks are the best. Not only does it cleanse the skin gently, it treats inflammation, nourishes cells and improves tissue metabolism.

Egg whites mask
An easy and effective way to get rid of acne is to use an egg whites mask. It not only heals the rash, it tightens and renews the skin as well. Beat the egg whites until foam, apply to the face and when the mask hardens wash your face with warm water. You can add honey, essential oils or vegetable oils to scrambled egg whites to be more effective.

Yeast mask to remove acne
This catcher is one of the best catches for oily skin. It removes excess oils, opens pores and effectively fights acne and blackheads. Take 50 g of dry yeast, reduce in 40 ml of pure water and mix well. Apply to the face and leave for 20 minutes and rinse without soap.

Honey mask
Honey masks are a great cleaning method. A natural sticky sweetness like sponge absorbs all impurities. Honey also softens and cleanses the skin. Honey nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and amino acids and removes the effects of scars and acne. The easiest way is to put honey on your skin, leave for 15 minutes and rinse.

Mask yoghurt 
as associate degree skin condition Removal Treatment With quantity ofsuch a large amount ofsuch a lot of} ways that} to fight acne (from topical creams and lotions to prescribed drugs and natural ingredients), it may be troublesome to work out what really works.  users who praise its ability to boost the look of the skin, expand pores, and cut back redness. Normal, unseasoned yogurts like Greek yogurt, which contain additional microorganism, work better, contain a high amount of probiotics to alleviate inflammation within the body.  yoghurt additionally contains bacteria that fight acne. In addition, yogurt contains drinkable acid. This ingredient may be a natural antibiotic, which exfoliates and removes dead skin and promotes scleroprotein production. Regular yoghurt additionally contains nutrients appreciate metal and B vitamins, that support healthy skin.

Yogurt mask can be made by putting it in the raw way on the face, for more: yogurt face maskes
To make the mask more effective for a particular type of skin, different ingredients are added to the honey:
  1. Lemon juice for oily skin.
  2. Olive oil for dry skin.

Cleansing mask to remove youth and black heads with gelatin
Gelatin mask for acne removal can compete with professional salon products.
It cleans and tightens the skin, removes wrinkles and eliminates fatty facial pills. To prepare it, you need gelatin without dyes and water. Water can be replaced by natural juice. Mix the ingredients by 1:5 i.e. two gelatin and five times the amount of water or juice, and heat them in a water bath. This natural mask is applied evenly to the face and neck until it holds together, then pick it up with your finger and remove it carefully. After the first application, black spots disappear, the skin becomes more flexible, and after a while the rash disappears.

Oat mask to remove acne and blackheads
Oatmeal mask is great for nourishing and cleaning your skin as it removes the bacteria that cause grains and get rid of the scars. It has anti-aging, peeling and shine-removing properties. To prepare a therapeutic mask for acne, oat chips are taken, crushed into granules and mixed with honey, egg whites, protein or kefir.

Acne face mask and blackheads
Soda face masks are the most effective cleanser. They are used against open grains on the nose, forehead and chin. This mask reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. To prepare the mask, loosen 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 50-60 ml of warm water. Apply to the skin and gently massage the affected areas. They are then washed without the use of soap.

Carrot mask
The main benefit of facial masking containing carrots is not only to cleanse and remove the skin from the grains, but also to feed them. These products really help to heal: they provide cells with essential nutrients, specifically vitamin E. To prepare this natural mask, you'll need 2 tablespoons of grated carrots, 20 ml of honey and one egg. Keep the mixture on the face for 15 minutes, after which the skin is cleaned.

Barriers to the use of acne masks
  1. Despite the enormous benefits of masks against acne, it is not recommended to use them in some cases:
  2. for open wounds and wounds.
  3. Dry skin and excessive dehydration.
  4. A pus rash.
  5. If acne occupies more than a third of the face.
  6. Possible allergic reactions.

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